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Steel Composition

Below is an overview of the steel composition in our Takefu VG-10 and Hitachi ATS314 steels. The VG-10 steel comes from Takefu private stocks but are made by Hitachi on license. ATS314 Hitachi steel is the highest quality Japanese steel available and nobody is allowed to make a steel and call it ATS314 other than Hitachi.

 Steel Carbon Silicon
Phosphor Sulfur Chromium Tungsten Molybdenum Vanadium Cobalt HRC
VG-10 0.95~1.05 14.5~15.5 0.8~1.2 0.25~0.35 1.3~1.8 59-60
ATS314 Hitachi (SECRET) ------- ------------- ----------- ------ ----------- ---------- --------------- ----------- -------- 59-60