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Travis Parker

ARC has partnered with Travis Parker

Hi, I'm Travis. I created Travis Parker Academy for people just like you ✂️ 😃 I'm honored to have you on our site, and I wanted to share my goal in creating Hairdressing Made Easy. With my 20 years of teaching and 35 years of experience behind the chair, I developed this system to simplify the process of learning and teaching haircutting, while breaking down hairdressing into a core set of reliable principles and techniques that empower you to deliver advanced styles that clients love.

Our courses are available as high-quality video lessons and real-time classes, both online and in-person, to make leveling up more accessible than ever before. I'm thrilled to help you achieve your hairdressing goals and share everything we have to offer. Let's embark on this journey together.

Warmest regards,
Travis Parker

Cutting Course 1:

This hands-on foundational course is the initial step in your pathway through the Hairdressing Made Easy methodology. Acquire essential knowledge and skills to effortlessly create any shape and look, with a focus on length, layers, and face frame.

Cutting Course 2:

This course introduces new haircutting techniques, including the proper use of razors and texturizing shears, and provides in-depth training on advanced layering and graduation. You will learn how to analyze hair density, distribute weight strategically, and harness different hair textures for personalized results.

Cutting Course 3:

Learn to improvise with different cutting and texturing tools, master advanced layering and texturing techniques, and hone your dry cutting skills. The course emphasizes the importance of blending your artistic vision with your client’s aesthetic to create truly customized looks.