Durability, precision and impeccable cutting performance. Forged from ATS 314 and Takefu VG-10 Japanese steel, these scissors provide an ultra-smooth cut without pushing or pulling the hair. Advanced Japanese tension adjustment system precisely distributes tension from pivot to tip. Upgraded, ergonomic handles designed for intuitive grip provide all-day cutting comfort for slide, wet and dry cutting.

Masterfully crafted for masters of hair. Created from cold forged Super Gold Japanese steel, these 100% handmade scissors are designed for effortless wet cutting and pristine dry cutting. Expertly honed by Japanese scissor craftsman using an advanced tempering process to increase performance and edge life. Crafted blade angles and ergonomically balanced handles allow for smooth, razor sharp cutting for slide, point and wet cutting, while also excelling exclusively as dry cutting scissors.

Expertly designed, high-performance scissors at an affordable price. Individually crafted from Japanese 440C Stainless Steel with a simple, classic design and modernized, ergonomic grips. Equipped with a ball bearing pivot, the Protege Series Scissors are highly controllable, smooth, durable scissors designed for everyday cutting.

Uniquely designed thinning and texturizing scissors for various degrees of weight removal and complete style control. Designed to cut cleanly and smoothly through the hair without ever chopping, bending or pulling, these scissors effortlessly slice and slide cut through hair with zero drag or pull. Fully reversible—flipping or "reversing" the scissor allows for different techniques with the teeth pointed up or down.