When it comes to handcrafting scissors for professional hairstylists, ARC™ Scissors refuses to take any shortcuts—and that’s what sets ARC™ apart.

Many scissor companies claim to create “handmade scissors” made from "the finest Japanese steel," "cobalt steel,” “high carbon stainless steel," "molybdenum and cobalt alloy" and many other fancy names. The reality is, many scissors said to be made in Japan are not. They are usually made in many other countries but are printed with "Made in Japan" or are just said to be made in Japan.

ARC™ Scissors believes in transparency and is proud to be one of the few companies in the world still making 100% handcrafted scissors. Our Japanese trained master smiths are highly skilled in the fine art of making handmade scissors designed to cut hair with ease. Our scissors are printed with a unique serial number and patent marks, demonstrating traceability to our steel factories in Japan – Hitachi (the best Japanese steel for scissors) and Takefu, another highly respected Japanese steel.

When you purchase ARC™ Scissors, rest assured you are purchasing the highest quality Japanese scissors, handcrafted by master smiths that are as passionate about making scissors as you are about designing hair.