Scissor Maintenance


Optimum performance of your scissors requires some basic maintenance to keep them working at their best. This basic maintenance includes cleaning, lubricating, and tension adjustment daily, as well as sharpening service as needed.

Scissors tend to loosen from regular use. It is very important you are aware of this and that you check your tension regularly to keep scissor tension at the proper level. Failure to perform tension testing may result in small nics to the blades, hair that "bends” or “pushes away” and premature wear and tear on the blades.

We have provided several steps below to help you maintain your scissors until your next sharpening service. 


  • Hold your thumb blade in the twelve o'clock position, with the tip pointing toward the ceiling.
  • Lift your finger blade to the nine o'clock position and gently release it.
  • Your finger blade should stop between ten and eleven o'clock
  • Adjust your tension screw by loosening or tightening very slightly (One click at a time) and repeat steps 1 & 2 until the proper tension is achieved.
  • Thinners/texturizers should adjust slightly tighter... around 10 o'clock.


We highly recommend wiping hair off your blades with a soft clean towel after every haircut. At the end of the day, wipe your scissors carefully using a soft clean towel. Be sure to wipe in the opposite direction of the way the edge is facing so you don’t cut yourself. This will remove any surface hair and product residue that may be stuck to the blades.
Next, spray your blades using Isopropyl Alcohol, making sure to spray well in the pivot area. Open and close your scissor to flush out any hair that is trapped under the blades. DO NOT use Kool Lube®, Clini-Clip, Windex or any other type of cleanser containing water and/or abrasive. After you have flushed out any hair in the pivot area, wipe your blades until they are clean. Now it is time to oil your scissors.


  • Open your scissors, then place a drop of oil above and below the pivot area. Turn your scissor over and repeat this process.

  • Open and close the scissor with your regular cutting motion to allow the oil to get under the blades in the screw area.

  • Using a soft clean towel, wipe away any excess oil.

  • After oiling your scissors, check your tension and adjust if necessary.

This entire process only takes a couple of minutes. Now, instead of your scissors sitting overnight with moisture, hair and residue on the blades, they will be clean, lubricated and ready for work the next day! Doing this daily will prolong the time between sharpening service and will keep your scissors in optimal condition.