Lifetime Warranty

We're confident that you will love your ARC™ Scissors along with our incredible customer service and lifetime warranty. The warranty is guaranteed when you maintain your sharpening with our authorized sharpeners.

NOTE: The lifetime warranty extends to cover manufacturing defects but does not include instances of misuse or damage resulting from improper use.


  • Reach out to ARC Scissors customer service by emailing Kindly provide details to clarify any issues you may be experiencing with your scissors.
  • Customer service will send you a prepaid shipping label, along with a warranty form to complete.

For a seamless shipping process, please follow these steps:

  • Print out your shipping label & warranty return form.
  • Include completed warranty return form inside the box with your scissors.
  • Securely package your scissors inside their original box, as well as an additional outside box.
  • Attach the shipping label securely to the outside of the box.
  • Take your package to the UPS Store. Make sure to save your receipt.

Upon receipt of your scissors at our factory and completion of a thorough inspection, our customer service team will promptly contact you to provide guidance on the next steps:

  • In the event that a manufacturing defect is identified, we will promptly address the issue by either repairing or replacing your scissors, and all associated costs will be covered by us.
  • If it is determined that the damage to your scissors results from usage, we will send you an invoice covering the costs associated with servicing and shipping.