ARC Scissors: Made in Japan

ARC™ Scissors: Made in Japan

Handcrafted in Japan, ARC™ Scissors offers the highest quality Japanese scissors created by craftsmen who are as passionate about making scissors as you are about cutting hair.

When it comes to handcrafting scissors for professional hairstylists, ARC™ Scissors refuses to take shortcuts.

Made in Japan, never on a factory line. 

Every one of our scissors is handmade in Japan and to prove the origin, the country of Japan places a Made in Japan stamp on the scissor itself, along with a unique serial number and patent mark, offering traceability to the steel factories in Japan.

Every ARC™ scissor takes 3-6 months to make.

Every pair of our scissors is handmade in Japan and each takes at least 3 months to create, while our Paragon II takes 6 months to handcraft. The Japanese craftsman making your scissor comes from generations of scissor craftsmanship handed down for generations before him. This unmatched attention to detail and exceptional quality is what sets ARC™ Scissors apart.

Don't Be Fooled.

Don’t be fooled by scissor brands who use Japanese names and charge Japanese prices. Most of these scissors are NOT Made in Japan, but instead are made on a factory line in China or Korea for less than $25.

There is a reason these brands use Japanese names to sell their scissors. Japanese craftsmanship is the best in the world for haircutting scissors. A true Japanese handcrafted scissor is created one at a time, by hand, by a craftsman whose pride of work has been handed down for generations.

You can trust that every pair of our ARC™ Scissors are Made in Japan. One at a time -- and NOT on a factory line.

So don’t be fooled by the Japanese name. Don’t be fooled by the Japanese box. Don’t be fooled by the Japanese steel. And DON’T be fooled by the Japanese price. Buying scissors with a Japanese name and Japanese price (that are made in China) is like buying a fake Gucci bag and paying a Gucci-authentic price.

There is only one TRUE way to know your scissors were Made in Japan: they say it ON THE SCISSOR. Check out your pair of scissors and see if they actually say “Made in Japan.” Cause if they don’t, they weren’t.