International shipping instructions

Thank you for choosing ARC Scissors partner, ShearCraft, for your sharpening needs.

If you’d like to ship your shears to ShearCraft and you live outside the
U.S. you will be responsible for all shipping costs both ways. Make sure
ALL customs forms are filled out entirely and signed, dated, etc.
Return customs forms must be included in the box when you send
your shears as well as the return label. If the customs forms are not
filled out properly, it will delay your order. ShearCraft representatives
are not allowed to sign any customs forms, this must be done by the
customer. We recommend using Fed Ex or UPS for shipping.
Step 1: Please use a box to pack your shears. Do not use an envelope of any
kind to ship your shears. ShearCraft is not responsible for shears that are
shipped in an envelope as they can tear and fall out or be crushed.
Step 2: When packing your shears, wrap them with bubble wrap or a towel to
protect them and secure them inside the box.
Step 3: Take package to the shipping provider of your choice. You’ll need to
purchase the label for shipping to ShearCraft and also for return shipping to
you. Again, all customs forms must be filled out properly. Forms and return
label need to be included in the box to ShearCraft. Always get a drop off
receipt for your records.
Step 4: Once ShearCraft receives your shears, we will invoice you through
PayPal via email to pay the $50 sharpening fee. You can use any major credit
card or PayPal to pay the invoice.

Once payment is made, we will ship them back to you as soon as
possible, and you’ll receive an email showing the date we ship them.

Please mail to the address listed below:
661 E. Main St.
Ste. 200-310
Midlothian, TX 76065

Questions? Email us at: