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Phantom II
Karla J.
Perfection 🩷

These blades are perfection! What else can I say??
I also bought the texturizing blades along with the phantom. I’m gliding through haircuts like it’s butter 🧈!! No complaints here at all!! Love at first snip Lol 😂 🥰

Phantom II
Amanda P.
So impressed!

I bought the phantom shears after being a Hanzo costumer for many years and I am so pleased. So far they have been amazing! Very versatile and great for wet and dry! I haven’t picked up another shear but these since I bought them!

Harmony II

Love these shears

Phantom II
Johnny W.G.
5 Stars

I had watched several other hairdressers use arc shears, and was always impressed at how effortlessly they seem to be cutting through the hair. I have several high-end pairs of shears, but never quite felt like they cut the way these seem to look like they did so I decided to pull the trigger and purchase them especially when I found out what a great two week return policy The company has.
I ordered the 6.5 inch phantom II .
I absolutely love the way these shears cut. It is exactly the way I imagined them to be the year itself is lightweight and the handle design works very well for me. I hope this review helps someone make their mind up. If you were on the fence about purchasing any of these shears from this company do not hesitate they are absolutely 5 star and the best pair of shears I have ever owned, and I have been doing here for 36 years and have several pairs of shears

Phantom II


Phantom Swivel

I like them a lot and will like them even more when I get used to them..

Phantom II
Kylee M.
Phantom II, 6.5

I love these shears! This is a high quality shear that glides so smoothly through the hair! I use it for wet and dry cutting, so basically for everything! Highly recommend!

Amazing! My haircuts are much more precise

Phantom II

I have tried a lot of different scissors in my career but this is my ultimate choice.
Cuts so satisfying in both dry and wet hair.
Point, blunt, dry, wet - you name it, feels effortless either way! Makes my job easy. Worth every penny!
LOVE my new shears!

Phantom II

I really really like these scissors however, I really don’t think they’re worth $1000. I mean they’re great and everything I just think they’re a little overpriced.

Best scissors in the world

Cuts like butter!!!!! Guarding these with my life.

Phantom II

It’s nice. Taking some getting used to after my Sam Villa shears but the cut is very clean.

Phantom Swivel
Sydney H.
Career changer

I absolutely love these shears! They don’t even feel like you are cutting… open, close, hair on the floor. The swivel was a game-changer for my wrists compared to my now-obsolete nonswivel pair (9 years old, needing to be replaced/upgraded anyway). Clients seem to see a positive difference, too. I’ve gotten more reviews since switching to these. 100% worth the investment!

Harmony II

love them very much 🥹

Harmony II
Three Shears... Hip Hip Hooray!!!

This is not my first pair of Arc scissors, and they never disappoint. The craftsmanship is second to none and it translates through my workmanship with each cut. A great cut positively accentuates all the other services I provide my clients. So, I would say a sound investment. Thank you for providing exceptional quality shears and outstanding service.

Phantom II
Angela S.
Very nice

Very professional & lightweight. Definitely My go- to for dry cutting short textured cuts.

Very smooth

Love! Very smooth , light to hold, quite, good price.

Phantom II
Giselle S.
Cuts like butter

Love the Phantom II!!
Love how the tip is beveled.
Feels better when point cutting.
They cut like butter!!!
I use them to wet or dry cut.
The design is beautiful. Love the tool to tighten or loosen them.
The presentation is beautiful.

Worth the price!
I’m hooked on ARC Scissors!!!

Happy customer!

Harmony II
Very sharp yet smooth.

This is my first Arc Scissor & it is wonderful scissor specially when you doing texturising or personalisation. 🧿👍👍👏🏻👏🏻🧿

Phantom II
Melanie K.

I am so excited with the quality and functionality of my new shears. I upgraded to the Phantom II 6" after using the 5.5" introductory shear from ARC. The Phantom II shears are worth the investment. They cut like butter on wet and dry hair and leave such a clean line.

Cuts through hair like butter

As cheesy as that sounds it’s the truth! I love these sheers. I’m having a great time cutting hair again. A solid scissor. Worth the investment

Love these shears! Thank you so much


I am a curl specialist and do tons of curly cuts. These are absolutely amazing and I love them!!! I highly recommend them!

The Curve
Steph c.
The curve

The curve is the sharpest most comfortable shear I own. It is perfect for personalizing and detailing haircuts. I would highly recommend adding this shear to your collection it’s a game changer

Phantom II
Gretchen H.
First pair of high quality shears

I love my Phantom 5.5 shears. It is so worth the investment. Love them for wet and dry cutting!! I am a Curly special and it is a game changer.