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Still waiting....

Hey guys! After a lot of research, I decided to go with the phantom arc shears. Here’s the deal, I ordered them in November and still don’t have them! They were sent to me and were so horrible that I was contacted by Kerry from ShearCraft and was told he would fix them. Kerry has been wonderful throughout this process and after talking with him tonight, I was reassured that I wasn’t crazy and that the shears were in terrible shape! He said he had to fix a lot of things with them. I’ve never been contacted by arc at all and if it wasn’t for Kerry working with me on this I would’ve returned them by now. It’s so discouraging when you do so much research and are so excited to have a great product and the shears come in feeling like old kitchen scissors. Not sure how these passed the inspection, but somebody probably needs to make sure that the quality is tested before you send them out. I’ve already made a payment on these and have still yet to use them! Hopefully when I get them next week, they’ll be just as great as Kerry reassures me they are. This has been very disappointing.

Very professional

Ive always been in the family business (a salon). Im trying to find great shears, ive heard a lot of great things about these shears, about how long they last. Cant wait to order a pair!

Amazing shears.

These shears are sleek and sharp.. cuts like butter. Light weight and very comfortable. I've used the same shears for 19 years and have never found another like them until ARC came my way. Definitely a repeat customer

Great scissors

Love them so far, been using them two weeks now.


After eye balling the shears all year I finally took the plunge on Black Friday! Wished I had purchased them earlier.. very comfortable to handle!

Great Shears!

Very happy with my purchase. Shipment was slow and requires a signature so I missed the first attempt. I’d suggest getting them shipped to work if you work long days .

Phantom 30/3 reversible texturizer

Love them!

A piece of Art!

I loved these shears the minute I took them out of the box and held them in my hand. The last pair that I bought were Hanzo Hattori’s! I still haven’t bonded with the Hanzo’s! My new Phantom Arc’s are now my new favorites from the first Hair cut. So awesome to be able to get interest free financing and have them be on Sale. Which made it possible to buy a fine piece of Art that happens to be a tool for my trade!🤗

So sad

Purchased Harmony 5.5 shears, absolutely loved them! Unfortunately so did the owner of the salon, so much she stole them.
Talk about being bummed!! Unfortunately I couldn’t prove it, so, long story short, purchased another pair, company no longer had 5.5 or 6 in harmony only 6.5, little to long for my lil hands, so purchased phantom 6inchers. Love Arc shear, top notch in my opinion, worth every $$$

Very happy

Great shears! Purchased the Phantom 6” shears, dream cutting.

Dragon Slayer

These shears are amazing!! I love everything about them. Most of my work I finish dry, the Phantom makes it so easy to get my finished results without any pull or choppiness. Highly recommend!! Two thumbs up.


I’m an educator at an institute as well as doing hair behind the chair. Helping my students and working with their shears is always such a shock because my own personal shears (the ARC’s) have me so spoiled. Sometimes when I’m handling a guest with a student and I’m using their shears, I forget I can’t just go right in like I can with my ARC Scissors. If you’ve never used a premium shear and you are on the fence- or you are a new stylist who doesn’t know whether or not to invest so much money in to a good shear, I can tell you they are worth it. I’m so obsessed with these, I literally baby them. They are always kept in the ARC box when not in use, they are cleaned AND oiled after EVERY HAIRCUT. I have allowed the few people I trust to use them and they all love them. I highly recommend these.


I love these shears! Amazing design and quality. I’ve been using only hikaris for awhile and these are my new favorite for sure. It will help up your efficiency and the point is very sharp I’m able to point cut wet or dry.

Exceptional quality

These are an amazing pair of shears. The ability to cut wet as usual and double as a dry cutting shear Is what I hoped for, they are worth every $$.

The Paragon sword is a beautiful shear. So sharp. Great for dry and wet cutting!


The 10/10's are my secret weapon for men's cuts. They create a really effortless blend and everything comes together so smooth.

So Impressed!!

I'm so impressed with the 10/10 Reversible Texturizer. I'm a big fan of using texturizers to create soft bobs and these scissors have quickly become my favorite!

what a treat

These shears are a delight to work with. Wet and dry cutting is a breeze. Love the balance

The Ultimate Dry Cutter

The PARAGON II is my go-to shear because I tend to do 90 percent of my haircuts dry. They cut laser-sharp lines with ease, the weight is amazing and I love how they’re flush and not bulky. They are amazing for multiple texturizing techniques and they work through hair with ease dry or wet.

LOVE the Phantom II Scissor!

I love my 6” PHANTOM II from ARC™ Scissors because it is so versatile—it takes you through a haircut from wet to dry. They’re my go-to because they stay sharp and I love their perfect weight!

Amazing shear!!

I love this shear! It’s been great for dry and wet cutting.

Obsessed with my PHANTOM II shears!

I am absolutely obsessed with the 6" PHANTOM II. They are the perfect shear for everything! The weightless feel along with a more narrow tip makes detail work effortless and precise.

Cuts like Butter!

The new PARAGON II is officially the sharpest scissor I have ever used. The weight of the blade is amazing! You have control for line work, they slide cut effortlessly and the tip of the blade cuts through dry hair like butter when point cutting. The perfect all-around scissor that can do everything!

Ideal for dry cutting & precision work

The 6” Paragon II is smooth and easy to control for dry cutting & precision work. The thin, lightweight design is perfect for all types of line work, texturizing and detailing and the blade design works well for cutting hair both wet and dry. Amazing all-around scissor

The best scissor I have ever used!

The PARAGON II is hands down the best scissor I have ever used. Ideal for someone who loves to cut hair dry, the design of these shears is much more streamlined and efficient compared to the bulky size of other dry cutters. They are my go-to scissor I can use on wet or dry hair, are perfectly balanced and stay sharp for months.