Master Series

Paragon II

Master Series

Paragon II



100% Handmade In Japan
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Dry-cutting masters, the PARAGON II is for you. The razor-sharp, incredibly durable steel blades pushes through thick, coarse hair, optimized for precision line work and slide, slice and point cutting techniques on dry hair.

  • 100% handmade in Japan with Master level Super Gold steel
  • Expertly honed by Japanese scissor craftsmen using an advanced tempering process to increase performance and edge life. 
  • Ergonomic, balanced handle for extreme comfort
  • Special grove designed to aid in stationery cutting
  • Smooth, razor-sharp cutting performance
  • Ball bearing pivot for smooth, controlled cutting 
  • No snagging or pulling with flush-mounted tension adjuster

    "The PARAGON II is hands down the best scissor I have ever used. Ideal for someone who loves to cut hair dry, the design of these shears is much more streamlined and efficient compared to the bulky size of other dry cutters. They are my go-to scissor I can use on wet or dry hair, are perfectly balanced and stay sharp for months.” @chrisjones_hair

    “The 6” Paragon II is smooth and easy to control for dry cutting & precision work. The thin, lightweight design is perfect for all types of line work, texturizing and detailing and the blade design works well for cutting hair both wet and dry. Amazing all-around scissor.” @matt.swinney

    “The PARAGON II is my go-to shear because I tend to do 90 percent of my haircuts dry. They cut laser-sharp lines with ease, the weight is amazing and I love how they’re flush and not bulky. They are amazing for multiple texturizing techniques and they work through hair with ease dry or wet.” @wesdoeshair

    "I would feel lost without my PARAGON II scissors! They're my go to scissors for both wet and dry cutting. I love their slender body for precision cutting. I can get so close and tight to my cutting lines and I don't have to worry about anything bulky getting in the way of a clean perfect line. They are the sexiest, sharpest scissors I've owned. I love them!" @brianaciseros 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 35 reviews
    Sarah Westbrook (Seattle, WA)
    Best shears ever!

    I love these for dry cutting!

    Kristi Blanson (Santa Paula, CA)
    Nice shear but missing something

    Ok I have to admit, it’s definitely a nice pair of shears. But for the price, I’d expect inserts to ensure a comfortable, snug fit around my fingers. I’ve checked back on the site and no accessories are offered. I tried the inserts from my last pair and they don’t fit. Seems like such a small thing, but, why was that overlooked? Super fancy box (they came in) that I’ll never use … but I can’t get a plastic grip/insert?

    Adiel Sneary (Wailuku, HI)
    In love

    After 24 years of purchasing high quality shears I am finally in love. Spend the money you get what you pay for.

    Carmen Balestrieri (Granada Hills, CA)

    i love it
    the best i ever used

    Wayne Powers (Columbia, SC)

    These are the best scissors!!!!❤️❤️❤️