Master Series

Symmetry 30/2 Reversible Blender

Master Series

Symmetry 30/2 Reversible Blender



100% Handmade In Japan
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15%-20% removal of hair

The SYMMETRY 30/2 Reversible Blender is a premium 30-tooth reversible scissor designed for seamless blending and sculpting. It removes approximately 15% to 20% depending on the hair type and the angle of the blade while cutting and leaves zero line of demarcation. Uniquely designed, not only is the 30/2 reversible—allowing you to cut hair differently when the teeth are pointed up or down—but it’s also anatomical, meaning it can be used by both left- and right-handed cutters. 


What Makes It Different:
This is a reversible scissor and can be used from both sides (flipped). Flipping or "reversing" the scissor allows you to cut hair differently with the teeth pointed up or down. This scissor will effortlessly slice and slide-cut through hair with zero drag or pull.

Ultra premium ATS314 steel

Full convex blades

Handle Design:
Butterfly "eyeglass" handle that is precisely carved out to allow for perfect positioning with each of the four basic hand positions. The "eyeglass" handle allows for reversible use making it two scissors in one.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
D.B. (Hinsdale, IL)
The most amazing scissors

Symmetry 30/2 are the most balanced blending scissors that I ever tried, so light and laying in your hand so effortlessly. ❤️✂️❤️

Becky PENTECOST (Portland, OR)

Love love love these shears!!

Steven Mathew Danyluk (Chicago, IL)
Great for Blending Extensions!

After only several uses I am obsessed with these reversible texturizing shears! I primarily cut hair extensions, and these effectively, yet delicately remove weight and length where needed without a trace!

I’ll likely be looking to purchase another pair of Arc Scissors soon!

Matthew Matyi (Huntsville, AL)
Game Changing

I purchased these for the reduction in removal of most thinning shears. My first day with theses sumptuous babies was amazing! All of my regular clients hair was taken to the next level of blending/styling/finishing! The best part was even they noticed! I was super skeptical about paying this much but knowing they will be with me for the rest of my career (20 years deep) along with my new paragon2 and phantoms I feel like this is one of the best decisions professionally I have made for my business. ARC has rocked the shear and business model for marketing them🥰. You won’t be disappointed… follow the guidelines on cleaning and torquing ❤️

Sarah Squires (Clayton, NC)
Like butter!!!

These shears are like velvet, silk, butter, whatever is the most luxurious fabric to touch the hair, they are the bamboo sheets that you always wanted!! These shears are worth every penny! I’m ready to save file my next pair! I wish I had the $ to buy all of them!