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Master Series

SYMMETRY 10/10 Reversible Texturizer


Master Series

SYMMETRY 10/10 Reversible Texturizer


The SYMMETRY 10/10 Reversible Texturizer is a premium thinning and texturizing scissor that allows for various degrees of weight removal. It features 10 teeth with 10 grooves per tooth, removing approximately 60% when used at 90 degrees to the hair as in scissor-over-comb cutting. When used for dry texturizing techniques, it can remove between 10% to 60% depending on the angle of the blade while cutting.


What Makes It Different:
This is a reversible scissor and can be used from both sides (flipped). Flipping or "reversing" the scissor allows you to cut hair differently with the teeth pointed up or down. This scissor will effortlessly slice and slide-cut through hair with zero drag or pull.

100% handmade from cold forged Hitachi ATS314 Japanese steel

Full convex blades

Handle Design:
Butterfly "eyeglass" handle that is precisely carved out to allow for perfect positioning with each of the four basic hand positions. The "eyeglass" handle allows for reversible use making it two scissors in one.

Best Used For:
Thinning and texturizing techniques. This scissor can be used 90 degrees to the hair to remove approximately 60% with each cut, or angled to the hair to remove between 10% and 60%. The angle of the scissor will determine the amount of hair removal with each cut.

This Reversible Texturizer is also excellent for scissor-over-comb and is used by many stylists for start-to-finish haircuts. This scissor may be used at an angle to slice-cut and remove as little or as much weight as you desire, without dragging or pulling the hair!

Teeth System:
Most texturizing scissors are made by EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Wire Cutting at a 90-degree angle. This method allows scissor-makers to create 10 blades at one time.

Our patented Reversible Texturizers are tilted 20 degrees, then cut at a 70-degree angle instead of the traditional 90-degree cutting angle, so only one blade can be made at a time.

This procedure takes much longer to make a scissor, but because of these steps, our Reversible Texturizers can be used for slice-cutting with zero drag or pull. This procedure of wire cutting takes 3 hours for just one blade!

This process makes our Reversible Texturizers far superior than any others on the market. Regular wire cut thinners and texturizers cannot slice-cut since the teeth are created at a 90-degree angle, resulting in dragging and pulling of the hair.

Tension Screw System:
The SYMMETRY 10/10 Reversible Texturizer is fit with our Japanese stainless steel flat tension screw and is adjustable with a coin or screwdriver. This advanced tension system distributes precise and even tension from pivot to tip and is extremely stable, delivering perfect balance day after day.