• Shears or Scissors? The History Behind the ARC™ Scissors Name

Shears or Scissors? The History Behind the ARC™ Scissors Name

Shears or Scissors? The History Behind the ARC™ Scissors Name

Why ARC Uses ‘Scissors’ Instead of Shears: A Vidal Sassoon Story 

Many people wonder why ARC chooses to call our tools scissors versus shears, the term widely used by hairdressers in the United States. We are sharing our brand backstory below, explaining why we chose to use the term scissor because of the great Vidal Sassoon. Keep reading to learn about Vidal’s history and why you should be using Japanese-made scissors to cut hair.


The Father of Haircutting: The History Behind The Term “Scissors”

Widely remarked as the “Father of Haircutting,” Vidal Sassoon disrupted the norm in England by introducing his “wash and wear” haircut concept. He was practically laughed out of London, facing a giant salon walk-out and forcing him to start from scratch. People told Vidal that his ideas would put him out of business. Never giving up, Vidal continued to disrupt the decades-old “wash and set” method and proved them all wrong by becoming one of the most famous, renowned hairdressers in the world.


Vidal Sassoon and BTC's Founder & Creative Director, Mary Rector (@marybehindthechair):

Mary Rector, Founder and Creative Director of Behind the Chair, with the late Vidal Sassoon

Photo Credit: Instagram via @marybehindthechair 


Vidal was greatly inspired by Bauhaus architecture, which translated into his haircutting curriculum, a training theory that would make him world-renowned. Vidal also revered Japanese craftsmanship and the Japanese’ unmatched ability to create the very best haircutting scissors in the world. He would never have cut with scissors from a factory line. He expected too much of himself, his craft and his tools. Vidal always said good things take time, and great things take even more time.


ARC Scissors: Preserving Vidal’s Lineage 

So, while many call scissors “shears” in the US, we love preserving the nostalgia, history and pride of a man who believed in excellence. Every pair of ARC Scissors are Made in Japan and EACH PAIR takes between three to six months to create by hand. To prove their authenticity, each scissor features the "MADE IN JAPAN" stamp that by law, must be included on all Japanese-made products.


When you strive for excellence, you should strive to cut hair with a tool made by a craftsman who cares as much about making your scissors as YOU do about cutting hair. That’s what Vidal believed in. And that’s what we believe in at ARC Scissors. If you have a pair of our ARC Scissors, we know you understand this very well.


WATCH OUT: Many brands claim to be Made in Japan without the official stamp of certification. EVERY pair of ARC™ Scissors will include this stamp of authenticity


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