Meet The Mixie—Hair's HOTTEST New Trend

Meet The Mixie—Hair's HOTTEST New Trend

The Mixie—Everything You Need To Know To Cut The Look

We've seen the mullet, we love the pixie, we've even mastered the Bixie—NOW, meet the Mixie. Our trend forecasters are on the pulse and spotted this new mullet + pixie hybrid all over social media. Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of the cut that will be filling your books this season.

Photo credit: Instagram via @hirohair

What Is A Mixie? (AKA—Mullet + Pixie)

The unique cut is a perfect blend of shabby chic with a modern twist. The Mixie is a mullet and pixie cut that can be completely customized from front to back. Your client can choose if they want more of a "mullet Mixie" or "pixie Mixie" by deciding how long they'd like their fringe, layers or perimeter. 

Key Elements Of A Mixie:

  • Cropped fringe
  • Soft, defined texture (real & faux)
  • Tapered neckline
  • Short layers 
  • Graduation in length

Cutting A Mixie: 

You want to accentuate the essence of both a mullet and a pixie. This requires adding (and in some cases eliminating) texture and weight in certain areas. 

Recommended Scissor: ARC Scissors Phantom II 

  • Transitions effortlessly from wet to dry cutting—this is key to create precise layers and texture for a Mixie.
  • Precision tip is designed to point cut tight corners and hard to reach angles.
  • Blades are razor-sharp through entire shaft to eliminate snagging and tugging. 
  • Ball bearing pivot creates even tension for controlled, even cutting. 

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 Recommended Texturizer: ARC Scissors Symmetry 30/2 Reversible Blender

  • Removes 15-20% of hair—perfect amount for detailed Mixie texture. 
  • Reversible design allows blades to be used at any angle on both sides.
  • 30-tooth construction allows for easy slide cutting without pulling or ripping hair. 

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#Mixie trending on IG: 

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Celeb Mixie Sightings:

Gabrielle Union-Wade by @tashareikobrown

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Photo credit: Instagram via @badgurlriri

Lisa Rinna by @sallyhershberger

Photo credit: Instagram via @sallyhershberger