• The Bixie Haircut Trend Is All Over The Internet—But What Is It?

The Bixie Haircut Trend Is All Over The Internet—But What Is It?

The Bixie Haircut Trend Is All Over The Internet—But What Is It?

Everything You Need To Know About The Bixie Trend

Winter 2021’s most-talked about haircut trend is “The Bixie.” So, is it a bob? Is it a pixie? Well, you guessed it—it’s somewhere in between. But as bixie becomes a trending word on the internet, it’s been paired with a range of different celeb haircut pics that have us asking: How do we approach the cut technically if a client requests it?

The Key Elements Of The Bixie

“Basically, it’s equal part bob and equal part pixie,” says ARC™ Scissors cutting expert Briana Cisneros (@brianacisneros). “It has a beautiful grow-out as well, that the client could grow into a full blown bob.”

Cutting A Bixie With The Paragon II:

For shattered cuts like the Bixie, creating strong angles with precision line work is key. Briana uses the Paragon II 6" to cut a Bixie because the razor-sharp blades allow for faster cutting while the precision tip fits into corners to detail out short layers seamlessly. 

Pro Tip: You want to be sure the shorter textures lay purposefully throughout the cut for an effortless look. Using the scissors to point cut finishing touches will soften lines for maximum movement! 

Scissor Used:



Key Bixie details to remember from Briana:

  • This style utilizes both razor and scissor-cutting techniques to achieve maximum movement. Not comfortable using a razor? Swap it out for a texturizer for control and precision when adding texture. 
  • Consult with the client about what length they want—the Bixie is versatile, so making sure you're choosing what’s most suitable for their face shape and lifestyle. 
  • If a client requests added fringe, cutting short curtain bangs is the perfect complement to the cropped cut.



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