• How To: The Viral Butterfly Haircut For Shoulder-Length Clients

How To: The Viral Butterfly Haircut For Shoulder-Length Clients

How To: The Viral Butterfly Haircut For Shoulder-Length Clients

Learn The Trending Butterfly Haircut With These Easy Steps:

The butterfly haircut is the ultra-sexy, volumized, layered look that has been viral for over a year with NO signs of stopping. But, what if your lob client with a shorter length wants this haircut? Learn how to adjust this viral cut for shoulder-length clients with tips from the artist who made it viral, ARC™ Scissors Artistic Team Member Justin Toves-Vincilione (@ahappyjustin)!

  Step 1: Apply a cutting aid and create triangle section at the fringe.

A mannequin with the fringe sectioned-off in a triangle.

 Step 2: Create three vertical subsections, starting with the center section to use as your guide. To ensure precise, clean lines Justin uses his go-to, ARC™ Scissors Master Series PARAGON II. P.S.: Keep reading to learn why the PARAGON II is Justin's go-to for his butterfly cuts!


 Step 3: Pro Tip: Rehydrate the hair as necessary to ensure the haircut stays consistent.

A mannequin with a freshly-cut curtain bang for the butterfly haircut tutorial.

 Step 4: Start taking vertical sections on the left side, overdirect them forward and cut using the fringe as your guide.

 Step 5: Repeat this layering technique on the opposite side.

Step 6: Isolate the nape area and continue layering on the occipital and crown areas.

Step 7: Pro Tip: Use the layers you just cut as a length guide for your nape section to create the shoulder-length style.

Step 8: Overdirect everything forward at a 45 degree angle and cut to create more layers and a round silhouette.


Step 9: Finish by applying a mousse, blow-dry primer and round brush to bring the style to life.      

Why the ARC™ Scissors PARAGON II?

  • Designed for smooth, razor-sharp cutting performance on dry and wet hair
  • Always 100% handmade in Japan with Master level Super Gold steel
  • Expertly honed by Japanese scissor craftsmen using an advanced tempering process to increase performance and edge life
  • Ergonomic, balanced handle for extreme comfort
  • No snagging or pulling with flush-mounted tension adjuster
  • Optimized for precision line work and slide, slice and point cutting techniques