The Shag in 4 Steps

The Shag in 4 Steps

Learn This Year's Hottest Haircut in 4 Easy Steps

The shag is highly-requested cut by clients, but approaching it for the first time can be intimidating! To make it easier for you, we reached out to ARC™ Scissors Artistic Team Member, salon owner and two-time #ONESHOT Winner Rachel Williams (@rachelwstylist) to break down her signature cut into four easy steps. Keep scrolling to get Rachel's step-by-step tutorial to create the sexy, layered shag haircut.

Step 1: Rachel's Criss-Cross Method: Using pie-shaped sections, overdirect the hair to the opposite side and blunt cut to the desired length. Crossing sections over one another leaves length to frame the face while creating a soft edge.

SCISSOR USED: ARC™ Scissors PHANTOM II. Keep reading to learn why this scissor is Rachel's go-to for the shag cut and use code SHAG20 to get 20% off any purchase!


Step 2: Take horizontal sections in front of the ear and slide cut excess length off to connect the entire face frame to the fringe.

Step 3: Prep the hair with a volumizing mousse for volume and hold; then, apply a root booster for extra lift and dry the hair. Then, take organic, vertical sections from the back and overdirect them forward. Point cut on dry hair using the same scissor to create long layers.

Step 4: Style with a round brush and texture spray to finish the look.

Why the ARC™ Scissors PHANTOM II? USE CODE SHAG20 FOR 20% OFF!

  • Start the perimeter of the haircut wet and detail dry with the SAME SCISSOR!
  • Perfect for all-around haircutters who cut wet and dry
  • Excels in wet, dry, precision and slide cutting while providing all-day comfort
  • Features a lightweight body with a razor-sharp, narrow tip that makes detail work effortless and precise