How To Cut A Soft Blunt Bob | Haircut Tutorial

How To Cut A Soft Blunt Bob | Haircut Tutorial

How can you achieve that cool-girl soft blunt bob haircut clients want? Chris Jones, aka @chris_joneshair to his 93.7k Instagram followers, utilizes wet cutting and dry cutting techniques to cut a straight line around a round shape while maintaining softness throughout. This short and versatile haircut looks rad whether it’s styled straight, curly or wavy.

View the step-by-step haircut details from Chris below then scroll to the bottom to watch the video to see how Chris alternates using his PARAGON II SCISSORS and SYMMETRY 10/10 REVERSIBLE TEXTURIZERS to carve out strong shapes with soft movement.

Scissors Used



How To Cut A Soft Blunt Bob

  1. Chris recommends cutting the neckline wet. He feels that he gets more control and a more precision line this way.

  2. Comb the hair in its natural fall using zero elevation, zero over direction and minimal tension.

  3. Begin cutting the neckline in a subtle C shape to preserve the corners and allow the bob to follow the neckline without losing the corner behind the ear.

    Using ARC Scissors, cut the neckline of your bob wet with zero elevation
    when cutting a bob, use tension to create a precise perimeter edge
  4. Only cut the back wet to just underneath the crown, leaving the crown and sides to be cut dry. The crown tends to jump or have cowlicks, so try cutting the crown dry to allow it to lay in its most natural position before cutting.

    cut the perimeter of your bobs with the Symmetry 10/10 - 10-tooth Texturizing Scissor to create soft precise lines
  5. Chris recommends using the SYMMETRY 10/10 REVERSIBLE TEXTURIZERS when cutting the crown, perimeter and sides as it creates super soft lines with incredible precision. It's like using a blunt scissor, but instead of cutting the hair the re-texturizing, this scissor does it all-in-one.

    The ARC Symmetry 10/10 Texturizer is excellent for cutting the perimeter of bobs and lobs
  6. Once the back and crown are dried and cut, move to the sides.

  7. Blow drying and flat ironing the sides allows the hair to fall in a more natural length and position. This is highly recommended before cutting the sides.

  8. Using the SYMMETRY 10/10 REVERSIBLE TEXTURIZERS, chip away at the sides from the profile position—you'll be able to see the line better this way. Cutting the sides dry allows you to see the exact length and line, eliminating any guess work towards how the hair will lay when the client styles her hair at home.

    cut the sides of your bob with the Symmetry 10/10 Texturizer from ARC Scissors
    use a 10-tooth texturizer from ARC Scissors to freehand your angled bob hairut
  9. Once the baseline is in, use your PARAGON II Scissors to point cut the interior to add subtle layers and texture.

    how to cut a soft blunt bob finished look - haircut tutorial by Chris Jones

Chris's favorite bob has a strong but soft base with a moveable interior. This hairstyle looks amazing straight or curled – the choice is yours! Be sure to check out the ARC MASTER SERIES SCISSORS to find your perfect pair.

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