5 Tips For Cutting Shags On Short Hair

5 Tips For Cutting Shags On Short Hair

Expert Tips For Cutting Fringe + Layers On Short Hair

Do you ask if a client wears glasses during their shag consultation? If not, you most definitely should! Get answers to your biggest questions about cutting shaggy layers and fringe on short hair from cutting expert Carolynn Judd (@styled_by_carolynn)

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#1: How do you determine the starting length for cutting layers?

Short answer: The fringe. “The fringe will guide you through everything,” says Carolynn. Before you even start the haircut, determine how short the fringe will be and use that as a guide for cutting the rest of the layers. This will give the short shag blended results with maximum volume.


how to cut shags on short hair tips for texturizing face framing layers and fringe carolynn judd arc scissors Instagram via @styled_by_carolynn 


#2: Do you approach a shag differently on short hair? 

A short shag and a long, layered shag are two totally different haircuts, says Carolynn. Less hair = shorter layers! Short hair allows you to create more texture throughout the ends than you would be able to do in a longer shag haircut.


how to cut shags on short hair tips for texturizing face framing layers and fringe carolynn judd arc scissors Long vs. Short Shag // Instagram via @styled_by_carolynn


#3: How do you connect & blend the fringe into face-framing layers?

The secret to this is simple: Use sharp scissors and slide-cut. Carolynn’s go-to are the ARC™Scissors PHANTOM II 6” for slide-cutting. This will make it easier to transition from short to long and maintain length. Then, Carolynn uses her signature shear-shattering technique throughout the ends to add movement and texture.

ARC Scissors PHANTOM IIexcels in wet, dry and precision cutting for the all around cutter that wants to transition through techniques seamlessly.


Check Out Carolynn's Shear Shattering Technique Below!

how to cut shags on short hair tips for texturizing face framing layers and fringe carolynn judd arc scissorsCarolynn's shear-shattering technique// Instagram via @styled_by_carolynn


Tap here to try Carolynn's fave scissors for cutting layers: ARC™Scissors PHANTOM II 6”!


#4: Do you have any tips for layers on fine hair?

Remember this: Less is more! If the client has fine hair, breaking the perimeter up too much will make their hair appear more fine and thin. Carolynn suggests deep point-cutting and less layers. This will give the effect of shorter layers while maintaining fullness throughout the ends.


#5: What questions should you ask in a shag consultation? 

The consultation is KEY, especially with shag haircuts. Every client has a different idea of what a shag is, so here are a few of Carolynn’s must-ask questions.


  • Do you wear glasses? This will determine how long or short to cut the fringe so it sits nicely with the glasses and doesn’t cause discomfort.
  • How comfortable are you with having shorter bangs? This varies from client to client, so it’s an important question to ask.
  • How are you willing to style the shag? Shags require more attention in daily styling to enhance shaggy, face-framing layers and complete the overall vibe of the haircut.


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