TEXTURE VS. LAYERED BOB: Learn the Difference

TEXTURE VS. LAYERED BOB: Learn the Difference

Texture vs. Layered Bob

Ever have a client request a fresh chop with “just one or two layers,” but their inspo pic is a wavy-styled textured bob? We feel your pain. To help you navigate the perils of client consultations, we asked cutting expert and ARC™ Scissors Artistic Team Member Chris Jones (@chrisjones_hair) to break down the difference between these two on-trend cuts and to share his cutting tips for achieving both!


Textured Bobs:

  • More subtle shape
  • Less at-home maintenance
  • Almost entirely one length
  • Just enough texture to add movement

Layered Bobs:

    • Works best for clients with natural texture or wave
    • Requires a bit more styling
    • Also great for clients with fine hair as the layers create volume without losing weight. 


Chris broke down the two cuts in this EPIC insta post!


    Create movement by removing weight

    To create movement AND remove weight all in one step, Chris uses the 30/2 Reversible Blender from ARC™ Scissors. He slide cuts through the hair with the straight blade on the bottom, creating subtle graduation throughout.


    Check Out Chris’s Slide Cutting Technique Below!



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    So what’s the key to Chris’s layered cuts? “I like to use my PARAGON II by ARC™ to cut square layers because they remove weight throughout the entire haircut. Once I have them throughout the head, I will go in and remove the corners to eliminate more weight.”


    Pro Tip: When texturizing layered cuts, Chris says to follow the same sectioning pattern as the square layers because it will help maintain the shape of the cut. Instagram via @chrisjones_hair



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