How To Use Texturizing Shears | 4 Problems & Solutions

How To Use Texturizing Shears | 4 Problems & Solutions

Today’s most requested bob is the soft yet blunt bob, equally gorgeous styled straight or wavy. So, what's the secret to creating the perfectly textured bob? For Chris Jones (@chrisjones_hair), it’s using texturizing shears!

Chris recently went live on BTC University to show us his technique, plus he explained four problems you might encounter when using texturizing shears and how to solve them.

How to use texturizing shears the right way

Texturizing Shears: The Key To Creating Instagram’s Most Requested Bob Haircut

The goal of today’s modern bob is soft bluntness—even though it looks loose, it’s still a precision cut. Using the ARC™ Scissors Symmetry 10/10 Reversible Texturizer offers not only tons of movement, but also lots of forgiveness when cutting.

“Think of cutting your line with the ARC™ Scissors Symmetry 10/10 Reversible Texturizer is like sketching with a pencil,” Chris explains. “It’s very forgiving, since you can see what you’re cutting as you go and really sculpt the haircut visually.”

4 Problems & Solutions When Using Texturizing Shears

point cutting with texturizing scissors

PROBLEM: Over-Graduating And Over-Texturizing

SOLUTION: Adding a slight graduation to a modern bob can give a haircut some lift and shape, Chris explains. But starting the graduation too high can leave the hair looking thin and over-texturized. Chris suggests using a wide-tooth comb and texturizing shears to point cut. “You only want to cut about 1/2 inch to 1 inch inside the hair,” Chris explains. “When you cut low, you won’t disrupt the line of your bob but still give the cut a little life.”

How to hold texturizing shears

PROBLEM: Holding Texturizing Shears Incorrectly

SOLUTION: Chris changes how he holds texturizers depending on technique—that’s why he suggests using reversible texturizing shears, like the ARC™ Scissors Symmetry 10/10 Reversible Texturizer. Why? They allow you to cut hair using both sides of the blade which allows you to place your hand and body in a more comfortable and ergonomic position.


Cutting the perimeter of a bob with texturizing shears

PROBLEM: Ruining The Line Of The Bob 

SOLUTION: Chris emphasizes creating a clean line with a straight shear, like the ARC™ Scissors PARAGON II, at the start of your haircut to create a guide for you to follow when cutting with a texturizing shear. He recommends you hold the shears with the tip pointed down and the tooth side pressed right up against the skin. This way, the teeth of the shear grab the hair and the hair stays in place as you cut the line.

Using texturizing scissors without creating frizz

PROBLEM: Afraid That Texturizing Shears Will Cause Frizz

SOLUTION: One of the characteristics of a good haircut is a good grow out, and frizz can’t be anywhere near that. Chris suggests thinking of texturizers as a “soft shear.” Since they allow you to visually see where you are cutting the hair, there is less damage to the cuticle if you cut slowly and with purpose. “In my opinion,” Chris adds, “using a straight shear and scraping through the hair is more damaging and will create more frizz when the hair grows out.”


Bonus Texturizing Shear Tips & Techniques

Here’s how Chris would approach the following techniques:

Point Cutting – To remove less hair, hold the shears almost parallel to the section that is being point cut with the teeth side of the blade on the top. To remove more hair, hold the shears at more of an angle (almost perpendicular) to the section that you’re cutting.

Slide Cutting – Hold the texturizing shears so that the straight side of the blade is leading the way and enters the hair first.

Scissor Over Comb – Hold the shears so that the tip of the shears is pointed down, use a wide tooth comb so that there isn’t a lot of tension on the hair and have the straight blade on top with the teeth right up against the client’s skin for control.

The Finished Textured Bob Hairstyle by Chris Jones

Chris Jones creates a modern textured bob using texturizing shears

Scissors Used

ARC™ Master Series Symmetry 10/10 Reversible Texturizing Scissors

ARC Scissors 10/10 Texturizing Shears


Now you can learn how to create the perfect modern bob, including a step by step walkthrough by Chris Jones. Click here to purchase the how-to video and receive lifetime viewing access.