• Blunt Texture: Two Techniques To Create Movement Without Losing A Strong Line

Blunt Texture: Two Techniques To Create Movement Without Losing A Strong Line

Blunt Texture: Two Techniques To Create Movement Without Losing A Strong  Line

Blunt Texture: Two Ways To Create Movement Without Losing A Strong Perimeter

If there is one thing we learned in 2019: Bobs aren’t just for Karen. They’ve experienced a true glow-up this year, becoming one of the most requested cuts behind the chair. So, we brought two of the coolest bob cutters we know: Chris Jones (@chrisjones_hair) and Buddy Porter (@buddywporter) to The BTC House to share their texturizing techniques for turning bobs from blah to bomb. That’s right—TWO ARTISTS, TWO TECHNIQUES, ONE CLASS. Click here to purchase their full class on BTC University and scroll down for a sneak-peak of this epic cutting co-lab.

Chris Jones: Classic Bob with Subtle Graduation—Check Out The Before & After!


Scissors Used: SYMMETRY 10/10


Technique #1: Create Shape and Remove Weight With A Texturizer

What do you do when a client comes in and asks for a one-length bob, but wants to avoid a style that is “heavy”? For Chris, that means creating lightness at the top but maintaining a strong perimeter—giving clients that strong bob they are asking for, without a style that falls flat or is weighed down. 

Here is how to achieve it:

  • Chris grabs his SYMMETRY 10/10 Reversible Texturizer from ARC™ Scissors and brings top sections up 45 degrees from the head.
  • With the straight blade on the bottom, using a “scooping” or a C motion, closing the texturizer as you leave the section. This will create just a small layer on the top but still keep the haircut 90 percent one length. 

PRO TIP: For finer-haired clients that want to achieve a fuller style, use a scissor over comb technique with your texturizer. Simply elevate the section up so the perimeter falls out and point cut the bottom one inch of the section to achieve volume and shape. 

Buddy Porter: Classic Bob with Internal Layers—Slide for A MAJOR Tansformation 


Scissors Used: PARAGON II  


Technique #2: Cut Corners and Create Internal Layers With Scissors

What’s the secret to the cool-girl bob clients keep requesting? Internal layers. To give your cut movement without the dreaded “shelf layers,” Buddy broke down a radial sectioning technique that results in seamless blended layers.


He broke it down like this:

  • Bring radial sections from the crown up 45 degrees from the head.

PRO TIP: To keep the perimeter of the haircut strong, keep the depth of the section as shallow as possible. This is will allow the hair at the perimeter to fall out of the section and keep the line strong.

  • Using the new PARAGON II from ARC™ Scissors, use a fluttering motion to cut the corner of the section. “When you drop the layer, you can see it move from short to long,” Buddy explains. “Then, when you brush it out, the layer will blend with the rest of the haircut. This gives the cut movement that will pop when you style the bob without any hard lines.”

GO-TO TOOL: When cutting dry hair it is IMPERATIVE to cut with a sharp blade. The PARAGON II from ARC™ has a blade that is sharp from axis to tip, which means Buddy’s section is cut evenly and will grow out healthier as the blade doesn’t snag or pull on the cuticle.  

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