• Switch Up Your Texturizing Technique: Say Hello To Shear-Shattering

Switch Up Your Texturizing Technique: Say Hello To Shear-Shattering

Switch Up Your Texturizing Technique: Say Hello To Shear-Shattering

Dry-Texturizing 2.0: Shear-Shattering

Want to take a client’s bob from blunt and structured to airy and effortless? Say hello to shear-shattering. This dry-texturizing technique is similar to notching but removes less hair and gives the style a more natural, lived-in vibe. We NEEDED to know more, so we had ARC Team Member and Bob Queen Carolynn Judd (@styled_by_carolynn) break down this texturizing technique. Scroll down for everything!

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What Is Shear-Shattering?
A dry-cutting technique used for creating texture and movement within a haircut. Carolynn recommends shear-shattering on dry hair because it allows you to see where the hair is moving once it has been texturized. Similar to notch-cutting, shear-shattering removes bulk and weight but on a smaller scale since less hair is removed.

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How Do You Shear-Shatter?

With the shears barely open, use a fast motion of sliding the shears up through the section of hair. Since the motion of this technique is fast, you don’t want to drag the shears through the hair. Carolynn recommends cutting with a very sharp shear. For this haircut, Carolynn used the ARC™ Scissors PHANTOM II 6” Scissors because they are extremely sharp and light weight. If the shears aren’t sharp enough, they can really tug when sliding through the section, Carolynn explains, that just isn’t comfortable for the client.


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Why Shear-Shattering?

Carolynn uses shear-shattering as her go-to texturizing technique because it is a more visual way to texturize. It creates a style that looks airy and light, Carolynn explains. The line of the bob will still have a sharp edge and accentuated angle, but the style won’t look so dense.

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What Kind Of Client Would Benefit From Shear-Shattering?

Carolynn likes to use this technique on clients that want easy maintenance with their styling. “This is great for a client that just wants to wash and go,” Carolynn explains. Also, if you have a client that isn’t too keen on getting their haircut with a razor, shear-shattering gives the same result. 

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